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Markets Served

Permatite spans the industrial world, with experience and expertise in a variety of markets, including:

Building and Construction

The entire Permatite line provides quality and long-life performance in HVAC, architectural products, metal buildings, flashing, caulking, sealing and many other building and construction applications. Our products perform on a wide range of substrates including metals, plastics, wood, masonry and more.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Permatite's butyl tapes, sealant and sponges are widely used for superior insulation. Dortite sponges, 711® and Duct Sealants, 4-Bolt Flange and Insta-Seal Tapes are used in sheet metal fabrication for ducts – as well as flange systems for HVAC. Many products are also used in sheet metal components for metal buildings

Window and Door Manufacturing

Permatite Dortite® and Dortite Xtra® Sponges work well for cushioning. They're also ideal for setting windows (OEM only, not for MRO). They offer significant benefits in insulation, with a high R value for energy and cost savings.

Boat, Motor Home/RV, Truck and Trailer Manufacturing

Dortite Sponges are ideal for vibration damping. Butyl Tapes are used around hoses and lines. 8000™ Sealant and Insta-Seal Tape are perfect for flashing around vents. All of these products feature durable, long-wearing performance.