LEED Member Above Green


Quality Products and Environmental Responsibility

Enduring Quality

Permatite goes the extra mile to ensure the highest possible quality. Products undergo rigorous inspection and testing for superior performance in specific applications. Batches are tested to meet specifications. We also use independent lab testing to make sure our products are rated for UL, ASTM, fire resistance and ASTM E-84.

Our products and chemistry are formulated in-house to meet specific industry needs.

Permatite continually moves forward to learn about market criteria and how to meet them with the best possible materials. We have ongoing programs of continuous improvement of all processes and quality management systems. We are dedicated to exceeding the highest quality standards in the industry. We have a long record of surpassing numerous application requirements and standards, including:

A Strong Commitment to Sustainability

Permatite is proud to be an Above Green certified and LEED member and we actively promote environmental responsibility. Everything is recycled, including paper, cardboard, pallets, excess materials and more. Some products include recycled content.

All products are low-VOC. Many of our products qualify for LEED credits. We also offer water-based products in our Acrylic and 777 sealants. To save energy, we have efficient, updated lighting and an improved HVAC system. Most employees live close to reduce fuel consumption – some close enough to walk to work. Others car pool. We also reduce fuel consumption with a 4-day, 10-hour work schedule.